The way people use the internet is changing.

The way their content is delivered should too.

JoosyCloud improves the user experience and helps Content Providers meet the increasing demands of their growing online audiences.

It reduces the strain on a content delivery network by distributing content directly between authorized users.


Today, videos, music, and games are often served inefficiently, as a server sends all the data to each user in turn, which can lead to congestion at peak loads. This lowers the quality of the user experience.


With JoosyCloud, once a small critical mass of users are watching the same video, it can begin to be served directly among that community of users thus alleviating the CDN.


The bigger the community of viewers gets, the bigger the delivery network gets, which helps to scale the delivery of your popular content. When JoosyCloud cannot make a better delivery option available via users, it automatically falls back to the CDN.

Improved Quality of Service

In the event of CDN congestion, the audience will continue to serve the content that they are consuming, alleviating server load and reducing the stalls and dropouts that degrade the user experience. Because each user is also a server, the larger the viewer base becomes, the larger the server network becomes.

Seamless User Experience

There is no extra download or install required of the end-users. JoosyCloud runs using open web standards loaded right in your HTML5 compliant browser. For apps, JoosyCloud can be baked right into your existing code across all the platforms you care about. In an event when JoosyCloud cannot make a better connection, it automatically reroutes to the CDN that you already use, ensuring no interruption of service for your users.

Enable New Features for your Audience

JoosyCloud helps keep your service competitive. Enable realtime communication and social features between your users. Prepare for 4K video by increasing available bandwidth. Gain additional insights into your user activity.


Support and Simplicity

Our software is easy to use and robust, but from integration to post deployment, we are here to support you. We can also provide additional services like analytics.


JoosyCloud uses industry standard encryption to ensure your data and your users are secure. As JoosyCloud supports Digital Rights Management, users can only distribute the content that you authorize.

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